Network security analyst

Network Security Site Survey

How secure is your network?

Throughout 2020 46% of businesses were successfully targeted by cyber attacks which is nearly 3 million businesses.  Approximately 60% of small to medium enterprises (SME's) close down within 6 months of a major cyber attack due to significant financial costs and data loss.


The most noticeable attempts to hack your business are through phishing but what about the things you can't see?

If you don't currently have a cyber security strategy we can help you develop one through our network security site survey.

What can the site survey do for you?​

  • Identify weak anti-malware protection

  • Identify how you can manage security patches

  • Help you find vulnerable firewall configuration (If you're not technical, your firewall is the thing that helps stop cyber criminals getting into your network)

  • Identify physical security flaws

  • Identify how vigilant your staff are

At the end of the survey you will be provided with recommended actions to help ensure your cyber security.

Prices start from £150