Your IT environment has been hacked, what now?

cyber criminals

With cyber criminals becoming more intelligent by the day, is it becoming more and more likely that your business will experience some level of cyber attack throughout it's digital life. You can have the best security measures in place and still become victim of a social engineering attack so just because you have amazing security products, it does not mean that your IT environment is 100% secure as people make mistakes and social engineering proves that.


So you get in the office tomorrow, turn on your PC and you see a big red screen that says something like "pay me £100,000 within 7 days and I will give you access to your data again, if you do not pay me then I will delete all of your data" this is also appearing on all other PC's and servers with your IT environment. This is something that happens to thousands of businesses every year and because they have not thought of the possibility that this could happen to them, they simply don't have countermeasures in place to recover and are forced to pay the ransomware fee.

Common perception

Businesses do tend to think that just because they have a backup solution, they will be able to recover all of their data no matter what but is the backup solution good enough? Are there any offline backups which are not accessible once they have been stored? Is there any anti-malware protecting the online backups? Are the backups even being monitored and working? These are all the questions that need to be answered in order to be able to recover from any kind of cyber attack which encrypts all of your data or spreads across the entire IT environment.


Veeam offer a solution named blocky which protects backups from viruses but the best solution you can have is an offline backup. This could be stored on a device which is cut from the network when backups are not being processed (not fully effective), it could be a tape drive or the more expensive solution, a hard drive which is removed from the environment once a backup is transferred to it.

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