Why do we exist?

At the time of writing this post there are 100,000 or more cyber security jobs that cannot be filled due to the lack of people with relevant skillsets. It is no coincidence then that throughout 2020, 46% of UK businesses reported a cyber attack.

This makes for very expensive cyber security services and personell which makes it almost impossible for SME's to give their cyber security the attention it needs. When you're not giving your cyber security consistent attention, more and more vulnerabilities will appear each month and all a criminal needs to do is find one to destroy your business forever.

If we're going to win the war against cyber criminals, SME's need affordable cyber security solutions and they need it now, this is why Techro was founded. In order to provide more affordable solutions, we team up with not-for-profit organisations, use more cost-effective tools and include cyber security in our IT support contracts.

The idea that you are too small or even too big to be attacked is false and in fact, cyber criminals just love it when you have that mindset. If you're not maintaining your cyber security, I can assure you that at some point over the next 2 years you will be attacked successfully. Cyber criminals are getting smarter every day and they are way ahead of businesses which is why it's a highly profitable and very low risk crime.

Here are some top tips for staying secure:

  • Have an anti-virus designed for enterprises (Bitdefender, ESET, Sophos etc.)

  • Implement patch management software

  • Have offline backups

  • Implement change management processes

If there's anything specific which you feel you need guidance on, feel free to contact us at

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